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SOP-LC Rod 2,0/3,0/5,0 mm

SOP-LC Rod 2,0/3,0/5,0 mm
SOP-LC Rod 2,0/3,0/5,0 mm
SOP-LC Rod 2,0/3,0/5,0 mm

A Smartvetimplants® Sliding On Pivot Locking Clamps system          ( SOPLC ) is an improved modular implant system for veterinary use only, what is composed of three main components, pivots, clamps and screws.  The pivots can be  contoured in any plane. Standard screws fix the pivots to bone via clamps. Together these components form a unique internal construct that brings all advantages of previously existed rod and clamps system but thanks to the special design of clamps it provides a locking system. Because of the special treatments of the pivots and clamps results an increased friction what makes the whole system much more stable.

The Sliding On Pivot Locking Clamps (SOPLC) system is intended

for canine and feline long bone repair.


Features and Benefits:

  • Available in three sizes: mini, small, medium
  • Locking system is provided via standard cortical screws
  • Versatile system requires less inventory
  • Pivots are available in several lengths or can be cut

                  to length

  • Pivots can be contoured in multiple panes for optimal

                  anatomic fits

  • Clamps can be positioned anywhere on the pivot


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