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Oper film surgical incise drape

Ensures asepsis of the surgical drape
Transparent polyurethane film that acts as a bacterial barrier
in any type of surgery

Oper film surgical is a transparent polyurethane film permeable to water vapour and impermeable to liquids which, used in any type of surgery, prevents the migration of micro-organisms into the surgical site, maintaining optimal conditions even in prolonged operations.

High permeability
The adhesive and transparent polyurethane
film facilitates the transpiration of the skin,
preventing moisture from accumulating
under the sheet and macerating the skin.
Due to its water vapour permeability,
it adheres safely to the wound edges to
provide continuous antimicrobial
protection even in prolonged surgeries.

Bacterial barrier
It prevents micro-organisms of the patient’s
skin from contaminating the operation site
and vice versa: it protects the patient’s
skin from the fluids and bacteria of the
surgical drape.

High adherence
The acrylic adhesive adheres to the skin
that surrounds the incision for the entire
surgical operation, even in prolonged
operations and for skin with irregular
surfaces, limiting the need to use clamps.
High resistance
The polyurethane film and the acrylic
adhesive are resistant to water
and temperatures up to 45 ºC.

High elasticity
Oper film surgical adapts to all parts
of the body, even the most difficult areas
to operate, offering comfort both to the
patient and to the health personnel
in operations that require a large amount
of manipulation.

Transparent surface
The incision site remains
clearly visible and
reflection-free, allowing
constant supervision
of the surgical drape.

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