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Huawei Incise Drape with Iodophor

Huawei Incise Drape with Iodophor
Huawei Incise Drape with Iodophor
Huawei Incise Drape with Iodophor

Medical surgical incisive dressing film with iodine from Huawei Medical.        It adopts the high permeable polyurethane film(PU)  as raw material,coated with a special medical pressure sensitive(iodine available),and then attached to release protective paper,protect the surgical area avoid cross-infection.

Structure and characteristics:

Hypoallergenic:reduce the rate of sensitization to prevent infection.

Good viscous:Good adhesion,high-quality medical pressure-sensitive adhesion makes an good using effect without warped edge,no residue,no pain when you peel off,can be tightly retained for a long time on the skin.

Breathable and skin-friendly:highly breathable polyurethane film transparent and breathable to prevent moisture accumulation under surgery,provide a sterile working environment around the surgical incision.

Waterproof&resistance bacteria:iodine concentration of surgical iodine drape 0.45%-0.8%,effectively kill a variety of bacteria,sterilization rate reach 99%.

Humanized design:Easy pull bars on both sides are available according t customer’s requirements,or leave empty side(no glue) to tear off easier.It can also be used as the cut film with non-woven surgical drapes for compounding use,multiple sizes available.


  1. First clean the surgical area,disinfect skin,select the appropriate specifications sterile surgical drape.
  2. Tear off the packaging,take out surgery drape
  3. Expand flat surgery drape,thrown off the release paper,paste the surgical drape above incision position.
  4. Smooth the surgical drape from middle to sides to make full contact with the skin,can not leave the bubble.
  5. Surgery in the drape directly
  6. After the surgery,gently lifted on both sides of the membrane,suture immediately.
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